Sunday, October 03, 2004

I Believe in God the Father Almighty, Maker of Heaven and Earth

Of all the words in the first phrase of the Apostle's Creed I am drawn to the word "Father."

To know God as Almighty is important. To know that He is creator of heaven and earth sets the stage for all that is to come, but to know that this Almighty Creator is one I can relate to as Father is overwhelming to me.

Abba, the One who waits for this wandering child with open arms. The One who offers not only forgiveness but restoration as well. He is the Father who is Love, and has done everything necessary to express to me that love.

This yes, is the truth which I believe. Now what is my response to that truth?

Of this first phrase, what speaks to your heart?


Duane Smith said...

Maker is the word that spoke to me. Without a maker a thing does not exist. As the Maker of Heaven and Earth, our Heavenly Father has instant credibility for those who believe in Him. Also, as the Maker, He knows everything about His creation - its strong points, its weak points and how to fix the broken parts. Does that instill trust and confidence in living under the guidance and direction of the Maker or what?

Anonymous said...

Almighty about sums it all up for me. Wonderful to have an Almighty Father who not only created all things...but is still involved with and in control over His creation. Ruthie

Anonymous said...

Thinking about the word Father increases responsibilities in our parenting of our children and in so doing teaching them to be the father they need to be to their children. Julie