Tuesday, February 08, 2005

A Relentless Love

Sorry that I haven't written lately, but I have been a little preoccupied because of the death of my father-in-law, and of a church member that I have grown to love.

Both of these recent home-goings and my new upcoming series of messages out of the Old Testament book of Hosea, have brought me to contemplate God's relentless love for us. Linda's dad and our church member, Tom, both have exhibited to me, at least in part, what relentless love is all about. It is the love that keeps on even in the difficult times, maybe even in the times when we would like to give-in or give-up.

Thankfully, God has done neither with us, though He certainly had reason to. God's love is not only ongoing, it is a love that pursues us. He is not just the Father waiting for a wayward son to return, but He is a Father that searches for us, calls for us, pursues us because of His great love.

Do you know of God's relentless love? How have you experienced it borne out in your life? Care to share?


Anonymous said...

I've found that no matter how much we run away from our Savior, He is a God that will never stop chasing after our love. He'll use the most unexpected times to remind us of His glory and to gently and steadily draw us back to Himself. Take the time to contemplate on the Father's love. He will never stop longing to be close to His children.
~Michelle Jensen

Pastor Randy said...


What a great God we serve. One who longs to be with us. May we all know what it is to rest in His loving arms, and yes, as you have wisely stated, to "contemplate the Father's love." For He is our Abba.

May you rest in His love.

Chris said...

I don't know... I'm struggling with the image of God "chasing" after us in love. I don't even know about the phrase "relentless love". I did a search through the NIV, and couldn't find "chase" and "love" close enough to each other to be connected, or the phrase "relentless love"

It seems to suggest to me that God keeps trying to get our attention with His love... until we finally get the idea and are drawn by it. If God is omniscient and sovereign, shouldn't he know exactly when He wants us to be drawn by his love and excercise it exactly when He wants it to work?

But I don't know, I need a concrete example by what's meant by God's relentless love for us. Which, pastor, you pointed to in Hosea. I guess God's redeeming love doesn't show itself in one isolated huge event in one's life, but unfolds itself as relentless love over a period of time. Is the richness of God's love more evident in this way?

BTW- Pastor, have you read Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers? It is a quality novel which tells the story of Hosea in a different setting.

Pastor Randy said...


You wrote, "If God is omniscient and sovereign, shouldn't he know exactly when He wants us to be drawn by his love and excercise it exactly when He wants it to work?"

I believe that the very relentless love of God is also the very love that keeps His sovereignity and omniscience from running right over our own personal choices. In fact, for Him to determine when we will love Him would make our response really not love at all. God desires that we choose to love Him of our own free will, that is the love, and worship, He desires.

Chris, your thoughts about God's relentless love showing itself over time, I believe are "right on." I suppose if God were to show us the fulness of His love all at once we would be truly overwhelmed to the point of most likely rejecting it. God loves us so much He gives us what, we need when we need it, in the amounts that we need. For His love is as wise as it is relentless.

May you know and grow in His love.

Chris said...


Thanks for your response, and sorry for taking so long with getting back to you.

I'm not sure I'm clear on your beliefs about God's love and our will. I hope you can tell that I try to see these things as the Bible describes them (note my search for 'relentless love'). Also, I have listened to your preaching and know you to be a man who loves God and studies the Bible. Where do you get God's "relentless love being the thing that keeps his sovereignty and omniscience from running over our pesonal choices" from the Bible?

I hope you see my question above as a desire to understand what you understand. Relating all my beliefs to scripture grounds me. If you want me to support my understanding of God's sovereignty and omniscience from the Bible, I can do that. Also, if you want to reply and discuss this further via e-mail, instead of blog comments, let me know.

Thank you pastor