Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Moving Beyond Ignorance -- Acts 3:12-26

Some people ask, "Why repent, what's in it for me?"
Others inquire, "What's the big deal about Jesus, anyway?"
Still others declare, "I'll make time for Jesus later."

In this passage all those questions are dealt with, most strikingly are the great benefits granted to those who repent (turn) to follow God. The Apostle Peter declares that those who repent:
1) Have their sins wiped out!
2) Will be refreshed!
3) Prepare the way for Christ Jesus to return!

A great set benefits, that's for sure. And there are more, right? Of course, right! What benefits explode into your mind when you consider the greatness of your salvation in Jesus, the Messiah?


Anonymous said...

Peace for today...and GREAT HOPE for tomorrow!
A spiritual "family" around the world.
Good news to share!
The watchful eye of my loving heavenly Father.
What a deal in exchange for a "bag" full of sin! Ruthie

Anonymous said...

I find the word "repent" all by itself to be rather vague. It is a little like someone saying to you, "Stop doing!" A normal response to being told to "Stop doing," would be to say, "Stop doing WHAT?" If the answer then is "Stop sinning!" then it is back to being vague again, I think. It is a good benefit to have our sins wiped out, but if we don't know what the specific sins were, how can a person repent from sinning again, and again? Don't you agree? Gary

Pastor Randy said...


I would agree that the more specific you can get in pointing out what a person is to repent of, the better it would be for that person because they would know on what to focus.


I can see that there is also a good aspect of being "vague" in that if you were specific a person might say, "Well, I don't do that, so I guess I don't have to repent."

In keeping things a little more open Peter's statement draws everybody into the need to repent. I would also venture to guess that since Peter is speaking in the midst of the temple, a place filled with worshipping Jews, they would have an idea of that of which he was speaking. At least in regards to keeping the Law.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Randy,for the reminder of how great a Salvation I have. In repenting I also recieved the ablitiy to stand in front of our mighty God WITH Jesus. Why is this important to me? Well, I know that I have an inibility to turn away His (God's) wrath- wow! I want all His love, but forget about the rest of His character. Like Rom. 5:9 says- I've been justified by Jesus' blood, how much more shall I be saved from God's wrath through Him! Reconciliation is also included! Julie

Pastor Randy said...


The benefits of our salvation seem to be beyond description. Yes, to be able to stand with the Lord, before the Throne, seems to be mixing of "prepositions." To be "with" and "before" at the same time, but what a GREAT God He is, and to think, His desire is "for" us as well.

Yes, to have His wrath turned away from us, and His wonderful love turned toward GREAT it THAT!