Tuesday, January 02, 2007

I've had an Epiphany!

An "epiphany" has been defined as, "a sudden moment of realization in a story or play, often triggered by a mundane event." A moment of clarity brought about through a regular, everyday kind of happening.

a baby being born.

This coming Sunday, January 7, 2007, is Epiphany Sunday. The day to celebrate the arrival of the Magi to visit the Christ Child. There is much speculation about who these magi were, where they actually came from, and of course, just how many were there?

Now for my epiphany.

hese magi represented the first "official" Gentiles to come to the Christ Child. The manifestation that was revealed to these seekers is that the Messiah was for them too. The promise to Abraham centuries before had become a reality. (Genesis 12:1-3)Truly, through the Hebrews, all the nations of the world would be blessed, even those who traveled from the east.

It was through Jesus that God would call all people to Himself. Through the everyday common event of childbirth the realization of God's plan was made know to the magi, and to us.

As I prepare to bring a message from the Biblical account of this visitation (Matthew 2:1-12) my first thoughts come naturally to the oft asked question, "what gifts would I bring to Jesus?" But, as I think about it longer I wonder, "What epiphany do I bring to my world about who Jesus is? And what is the connection between the two questions?

In the past I have heard, and preached, sermons about bringing our gifts to the Lord, as the magi brought theirs, but now how is that through the everyday common occurrences of my life can I make the "manifestation" of Jesus known to the world around me. How can the gifts that I possess (talents, money, time, resources) be used to help others see this One who is the Son of God. How can these gifts be "used" not only within the confines of "ministry," but within the commonness of life? There is our question to muse upon. How can we be an epiphany today?

May God's gift of grace be fresh and new to you today.

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