Thursday, April 05, 2007

I Love Mornings!

NOTE: I DID NOT SAY I AM A MORNING PERSON. I really do like snuggling down under the covers and catching an extra few moments of shuteye in the morning, but when I force myself out early I find just how much I love a new morning.

I especially love early mornings in the spring and summer. I love getting outside before the sun begins to crest over the local hills and enjoy the briskness of the morning air. Just before the sun rises the bird song is incredible. It is if as they too are enjoying the blessing of a new day. At no time in the rest of the day are their songs so full and sweet. They sing at the expectation of the new day.

The birdsong, the still, cool morning air, the dew upon grass and spider web, speak of the reality that God was at work while I slept, and place in my heart the hope of new possibilities in the day that is before me. The death of night is fading and the life of the new day is rising.

I suppose that is why the resurrection of Jesus Christ was a morning event. It was a new day of new beginnings. The night of death had been powerfully swept away, and the dawning of a new Day had begun. The women and the disciples came that early morning of the first day of the week with the dust of death still clouding their eyes, they came as sleep-walkers only to be startled awake by the power of a new beginning. It was a morning in which I am sure the angels sang their songs full and sweet, for the Lord had risen, death was defeated, sin atoned for, and a new grace-filled day had begun!

Don’t you just love new mornings?!

He is risen! He is risen, indeed!


Anonymous said...

Do I just LOVE new mornings?
To be honest....NO!!! Mornings are painful for me...quite literally.... because of arthritis, AND emotionally. A morning person I am NOT!! you, when I am forced into an early rising I DO see why SOME people find them so appealing. Sunrises are gorgeous as are sunsets....but unlike sunsets, a sunrise is filled with hope, expectations, opportunites etc...where sunsets denotes the ending of something....the ending of a day where perhaps hope and expectations were crushed...maybe we didn't make the most of the opportunities of the day. Sunsets can be somewhat melancholy...... perhaps filled with regret, sometimes the ending of a day well spent....sometimes VERY romantic as well....but sunrises are, as you pointed out...a fresh start, a new beginning , pure, unspoiled.
As I read the account today of Jesus' death and resurrection I tried to put my self in Mary Magdelene's shoes as she ran EARLY to the gravesite...saw He wasn't there...was confused and sorrowing...and then encountered the risen Lord...what JOY!!!!
Encountering the risen Lord in our lives is always a "new day"....a fresh beginning,full of hope and opportunities. THAT early morning experience I dig!!!! Because of THAT "sunrise" experience, we can face the ultimate "sunset" experience with hope and confidence. Because HE lives...WE TOO SHALL LIVE!!!
Thank God for His merciful gift to us!!! Happy Easter! Ruthie

Anonymous said...

Mornings. I used to hate mornings and God forgive me especially Easter Sunday mornings. My mother didn’t go to church except a few times on Easter Sunday when she woke us up while it was still dark and put this starched, frilly, ruffled little dress on me along with an Easter bonnet that was equally uncomfortable and took us to some Sunrise Services. My whole body, especially my bare legs, would be covered with goose bumps for hours because of the chilly pre-dawn air. To add to the discomfort, we skipped breakfast to get there before dawn so by the time we got home, my stomach was growling and I was miserably cold and hungry. The only part of the Easter story I could relate to was the torturing of Jesus before they crucified him.

The idea I guess of a Sunrise service other than to torture young children in starchy, frilly, dresses and scratchy bonnets with plastic flowers that poke their little scalps is to watch the sun actually rise and get the symbology of darkness turning to light because that is what happened in the spiritual realms the morning that Christ rose from the dead.

I didn’t get it – not at all. All I could do was yearn for warmth, comfort and a full tummy. Later at home in comfortable clothing after eating too much Easter candy, I just felt a little strung-out, cranky and sleepy.

It wasn’t until years later, when working an evening shift, I would learn to appreciate mornings. Some weekday mornings, I would purposely get up before dawn, put on a pair of comfortable soft denim trousers, a T-shirt and tennis shoes and drive down to the ocean to a small cafe overlooking the ocean. Since, I was practically the only customer eating breakfast, literally at the crack of dawn, on a weekday, the atmosphere was quite conducive to reflection.

And even though the whole resurrection symbology completely escaped me on Easter Sunday as a child who was singularly focused on goose bumps and itchy clothes, it was impossible to watch the sunrise as a comfortable adult regardless of what day of the year it was without thinking of what happened in the spiritual realms the morning that Christ rose from the dead. The darkness turned to dawn.

Mornings took on a whole new meaning and I learned to thoroughly enjoy the newness and the freshness of the new day as the sun rose over the coastline while I luxuriated in the warmth of being indoors rather than outside in the brisk morning air while sipping hot coffee and enjoying home made biscuits and an omelette instead of skipping breakfast. On those mornings, I almost felt like I had died and gone to heaven which is what actually happens to believers because of Christ’s resurrection. We become citizens of a new kingdom, the kingdom of heaven.

And one day, when we go home, there will be no more discomfort, pain or heartache and no more itchy, scratchy Easter clothes, but instead as the bride of Christ, we will be given nice comfortable “fine, bright clean linen” (the righteousness of saints) to wear.


Pastor Randy said...

A blessed Good Friday to you both. On this day that we remember the darkness of our sin and the price our Lord paid for our redemption, may His quiet peace fill your souls.

Thank you both for sharing from your heart. gentledove, how I felt for your suffering at those sunrise services, and how I long to sit in a quiet cafe' over looking the early morning sea. Thank you for sharing your story.

Oh, how the Resurrection changes our outlook, especially when we have come to experience that Resurrection firsthand.

May many so experience it this year!

He is Risen!