Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A Change in Course

So, there I was out for an afternoon run through Henry Cowell State Park when I got this sneaky suspicion that I needed to change course for my sermon this week. Now while I am still seeking the Lord about whether it was His voice or not (one can never tell when you're breathing hard during your second set of 'intervals') I am of the belief that I need to "preach a different sermon."

Now, I have enjoyed the discussion so far vis-a-vis the Prophet Amos (see previous blog) but I would ask my readers to join me in this little side-track adventure.

The place that I am going is not unfamiliar to me, it has to do with the call to discipleship, to serving the King of kings for the furtherance of His kingdom.

I am going to be suggesting that we all need to become FATTER Christians. Here's where the "fun" comes in should you care to join me. What do you think the letters F-A-T-T-E-R represent? I also have used just the letters F-A-T-S-O in the past, but somebody got their feelings I may just go with the FATTER.

Care to give it a try? Of course I could just give you my thoughts, but then those of you who read this I attend our local fellowship wouldn't have to come to church, and you wouldn't want that would you? Of course not.

Anyway, have fun...and I promise to post my thoughts later.

Blessings often come at the fork in the road, don't they?


Anonymous said...

Christians need to be:

Faithful to their commitment to the Lord
Attuned to the needs of those around them
Truthful without being unkind
Trusting in the Grace of God
Encouraging to one another
Real, not religious.

Close? Do I get a cookie?


Pastor Randy said...

Very good!

Not all that I had...but good ones none the-less, in fact I may have to change one of mine. I like your REAL not religious.

Well might get too cookies.

And hey, Father-of-the-Bride, who's old now?

Congrats on the day to come.

Anonymous said...

WooHoo! Two cookies!!

Yeah, I'm old now. Most of my beard is grey. One kid almost married, the other up on some desolate island in the Bering Sea.

Cool, huh? ;)

Blessings on ya!


Anonymous said...

Little ol' Dan-o grey bearded and father of the bride? NO WAY!!!!
Am I REALLY that old Dan-0???

Guess I'll just have to come to church Sunday,Randy...I don't have a clue...although I really like and agree with Dan-o's answer. CU Sunday! Ruthie

Anonymous said...

Didn’t get yourself in enough trouble with “fatso”, huh? Now, you want give “fatter” a try? Truthfully, I think that is a bit too close to the same pile of doo-doo you stepped into with fatso. Anyway, I have no meanings for your acronym, just my usual long-winded 2 cents worth.

Given the number of young ladies who either currently suffer from anorexia or have a pre-disposition toward an eating disorder, I’m not sure I would touch that acronym with a ten foot pole particularly since anorexia and bulimia can be so deadly unlike being overweight which while obviously not healthy is not nearly as dangerous as the disease that killed Karen Carpenter and nearly killed Sherry Boone (Pat Boone’s daughter). Sherry Boone wrote an interesting book on the topic called “Starving for Attention, btw. A worthwhile read, imho, if it is still in print.

Assuming you have no teenage girls (for that matter, the latest statistics show that older women and males are beginning to suffer from anorexia) in your congregation who are already making themselves half crazy with self-hatred while they push themselves rapidly toward the grave aiming for outward perfection, I suspect the best you can hope for is that every young woman will subconsciously tune much of your sermon out. Shoot, very few older woman want to be fatter so that acronym at best seems like it might cause disinterest with the potential for some knee jerk reactions.

Since obviously you are not going to be encouraging people to overeat, my real bottom line fear is the topic could be erroneously internalized to justify “under eating” which is really the same eating disorder only with opposite symptoms and in some cases extremely dangerous possible consequences?

I’m sure the jest of the sermon is probably very valuable—I assume encouraging less of us, and much, much more of Jesus, but the acronym f a t t e r if you’re lucky and it doesn’t hurt anyone’s feelings is not one that very many women (especially the young ones) are likely going to be “drawn” into listening very intently to. Seems like getting fuller or more fulfilled or something along those lines might draw more people in.

Considering the impossibly perfect OUTWARD appearance that television stars model for us, I would encourage you to keep brainstorming and praying and go along the same lines with the sermon only using an entirely different memory mnemonic.

Hate to be a wet blanket because the jest of the sermon I'm betting is a real winner.


Anonymous said...

hahaha, Ruthie! You'll never be old to me! You'll always be Rick's mom with the cool pool in the backyard!! Man, the things we put you through.....

Enough chit chat. I let this blog get back to serious stuff....


Anonymous said...

How about: Forgiveness Alters Temper Tantrums Each Recurrence.

This kind of thinking will slim down our thought load and make life more pleasant.

trinity said...



Focused -on God and what He is up to
Attentive - to the needs
Trusting-God to be God
Enthusiastic-about following