Wednesday, September 19, 2007

We're Celebrating Christmas!

Yes, you read that right, this Sunday we are celebrating Christmas...well at least during part of our worship service.

This Sunday is our Annual Missionary Christmas Offering Sunday. (The AM-COS) We usually have a missionary share in our worship service and in Sunday School and then we receive a special offering that will be divided among the missionaries we support and sent to them as a special gift for the Christmas season. It's a way to remind us and them that we are thinking and praying for them.

This Sunday the Rev. Kevin Kompelien is preaching. He served for many years (just until about a year ago) as pastor of our sister church in San Jose, CA> He is now the area director for Africa for the Evangelical Free Church of America world missions department, ReachGlobal. There are some exiting things taking place and it will be good to her brother Kevin both preach the Word of God and share what God is doing in Africa.

So, as we get ready to celebrate our Missionary Christmas this would be a great time to stop and pray for those we know who are helping the Kingdom of God expand around the the world. To pray for the Peace of Christmas to fill their hearts, and touch those they minister among.

Merry Christmas!

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