Tuesday, November 27, 2007

No Fairy Tale Ending

Sixty-four sermons later and I come to the end, to Malachi. After reading through the four short chapters I can see why the Old Testament was never made in to a movie (apart from the fact that it would last forever!), the real reason is that it doesn't have that feel-good, fairy tale, boy gets girl, ending, where everybody lives happily-ever-after.

Once again the LORD calls Israel to account for its actions. For its contempt of the LORD's table, for its unfaithfulness, for its disobedience in regards to tithes and offerings, and for its distrust that the LORD is really the one in control.

And yet, as the gracious LORD does over and over again, He calls them to be His treasured possession. He desires to continue to shower them with His compassion, and someday He will send forth a Savior, the son of righteousness with healing in His wings. But, until that time, they must live under the specter of the Curse.

The Story of course is not over. There are chapters still to be written. God will send one to prepare the way, and of course He will also send one who IS the Way.

In the beginning God spoke and there was!
Throughout the history of the Hebrews God continued to speak.
Now we stand at an end. An ushering in of a time wherein God will not speak.
A pregnant pause some might say.
And then, after four hundred years of silence...
The Word made flesh will speak...again.

Shall we listen?

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