Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Word Made Flesh

There is a running joke in our family regarding what's inside every wrapped gift, be it for Christmas or a birthday. No matter what size the box, especially if it is a small flat back, the answer is, "An Inflatable Bowling Ball."

Well, this year my daughter Trinity finally put an end to the family tradition, and actually got me an inflatable bowling ball for Christmas! Complete with a set of inflatable bowling pins! After all those years of speculating about what could be in the box, now we know it could really be an inflatable bowling ball. You would of guessed?

Not to be undone my son Jordan got me a gift I had promised to get all my children from time to time and that is a Big Sharp Stick!. While he was walking around the woods at Mount Hermon, he spotted it an declared something to the effect, "Now, there's a stick for dad." Once again the word spoken for years became a reality. Who would have guessed?

For years God spoke to Israel about sending a gift. He talked and talked about it. It became the topic of conversation at the yearly Festival, would this be the year the Gift would come? Lots of discussion, but the package never seemed to arrive. I suppose after those many years many began to suspect the Gift would never truly arrive. Maybe in fact, it didn't really exist (much like an inflatable bowling ball.).

But, one year, in the fullness of time, the Gift did arrive. It was package in a way that very few expected, and was unrecognized by most. But, He was the promised Gift none-the-less. Once again the Word that was spoken for hundreds of years became a reality. Who would have guessed?

As I have been contemplating this Word-made-Flesh gift of God, I have been humbled once again by the costly greatness of God's indescribable gift. Yes, I know the cost of the cross, but there was a cost paid even before the cross. As I have been working over what to share on the final Sunday of 2007, I have been caught by the fearful reality that the Holy One became homeless.

As we close out the old and enter into the new, I encourage you to wonder with me at the cost of the Gift. The greatness of the Gift found in the greatness of the Giver. A Gift given for you and for me.

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