Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Walking Blind

Sunday morning I shared about my early morning God-lesson as I watched two planets reflecting the light of the unseen sun. (sermon here) One of the lesson was that of the need for the darkness in order for the dirt-encrusted planets to shine forth. For us that darkness often refers to things like suffering and doubt. Elements that we do not desire nor enjoy, and yet are the very things that allow Christ's reflective light to shine forth.

This week's sermon passage, John 9:1-41, also deals with darkness and light in the form of blindness and sight. There is much to discuss in this powerful encounter between Jesus, the blindman and the religious leaders, but I would like to focus just on one short section that coincides with my God-lesson mentioned above.

In John 9:6-12 Jesus begins the healing process with spit and mud (pretty earthy, the basis of our very creation...hearkens back to Genesis 2:7). Then Jesus tells the man to walk blind to the pool of Siloam. I don't know how far the man had to walk, but Jesus could have healed him without making him walk one more step in the darkness that had overshadowed him from birth, and yet Jesus sent the man off with spit and mud in his eyes and in darkness to wash in the pool.

The spiritual lesson for me was strong. Jesus may bring healing into various areas of my life, while at the same time calling me to continue to walk in darkness. To walk obediently in the dark while His healing of my life is still in the process of arriving. I don't know why at one time the healing is immediate and at others it is still arriving, all I know is that sometimes the darkness is still present, and as with the planets allows the Light of the world to shine unto God's glory...which is the goal in all things. (John 9:3)

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