Friday, June 26, 2009

We Can't Escape It

Yesterday, Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson "went the way of all flesh." And with their passing we are again brought to the stark reality that death is something that none of us can escape. Whether life is lived long, or cut drastically short, death is the specter awaiting each of us.

To be honest Farrah's and Michael's deaths upset me, but not for the reasons which most are upset. I am upset because the deaths of these two celebrities will cause us to forget the ongoing tragic deaths around the world in places like Darfur and Congo. I know some of you are thinking, "come on Randy, lighten-up, quite being so cynical and harsh."

Well, that's just the place I am.

I am sadden by many who are suffering that I personally know...good people...humble people...people who have lived quiet lives of serving God and man, and now find themselves being chased by death. For these and for many others, my heart hurts.

These thoughts of death and dying do bring us to this week's sermon passage from John 12:12-36. It is here we now see Jesus moving straight forward to His death. Not sherking from it, not hiding, but resolved to accomplish that for which He was sent. (John 12:27)

Jesus came for the purpose of dying, so that through His death we might have life. (John 10:10; John 20:21; 1 John 5:12) I cannot say that for anyone else. And as they say, "the proof is in the pudding," or is Jesus' case, in His resurrection!!!

How good it is to know that we can be part of the wonderful harvest that has been brought forth because of Jesus' sacrificial death. (John 12:23-26) And that we, as the fruit of that harvest, have the responsibility to also die to self so that the planting and harvest will continue, and all for the glory of God.

Death does await all of us and the day of our death is known only to Him who is the Giver of life, so let us therefore live in the Light, as children of the Light; working while it is still day so that death shall not be an horrendous end, but a glorious beginning.

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Dan said...

Kinda reminds me that "time is of the essence...." I'm starting to get to that age in my life where my parents' generation are starting to "go". Many of them have never been much of the "church type" as far as I know. I'd kinda like to see them later on....