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HOW MANY TIMES did I drive my dad crazy by asking him, "Hey Dad, are we there yet?" I can remember he usually answered in one of four ways. First, "No, we still have five-hundred miles to go!" Which to me meant nothing because I had no concept of mileage/time. His second answer was usually was, "We'll be there when we when get there!" Again, big help! Even I knew that! Then there was the eternal lie, "We'll be there real soon." Yeah, right! And then there was the silence, usually followed by the stare in the rear-view mirror. At which point I would slink down to the floor of the back-seat. (No seat-belts in those days.)

In our passage for this week's sermon we will be looking at John 16:16-33. As I have read it over and over again I could picture the disciples asking Jesus what He was talking about, but never quite getting the answer for which they were looking (hoping). They kept asking, "What does He mean in a little while we will see Him no more, and then we will see Him?" (John 16:17-18) Much like a 6 year-old in the back-seat they were getting anxious that they might never get to where they were promised.

Into their anxious thoughts Jesus spoke this truth, It might seem like we are never going to get where I promised you, but take heart soon you will see me again (John 16:22-24), and when you do it will be so amazing that all your grief will be turned to joy. Little did they realize that though it looked like their journey was going to end in death of their rabbi, friend, and Lord (and even in their own deaths), in reality the journey would be one to the resurrection and beyond!

Jesus told them, yes the journey is indeed long and rough and filled with trouble. Yes you may feel trapped in the back-seat, but Jesus reminded them than in Him they would find true peace, because he had overcome the world. (John 16:33)

Jesus knew that the journey he had called His disciples on would be tough, but He also wanted them to know that the destination would be one of great joy and of everlasting peace, and would be completely worth the trip.

It's the truth He wants us to know as well. Are we there yet? Soon, maybe very soon!

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