Tuesday, September 21, 2010


NAMES CAN BELIE MUCH ABOUT A PERSON. We can learn a person heritage, nationality, often and decade and place location of their birth all from the name that was given them. Some kids grow into their names and others may turn and run from their implications.

Truthfully, sometimes I have to wonder just how sober the parents were when they named their children, or if they gave much thought to the ramifications of how a class full of third-graders can massacre a classmate's name. The art of names and naming is serious business, it is that which is closest to us, and without getting to "pun-ish," names name us.

Of course, all this naming stuff is nothing new, it has been going on from time-immemorial. What is interesting to me is not only what the names may have said about a person, but how they in many instances seemed to determine what they would become.

My sermon text for this coming week is Genesis 29:31-35 and Genesis 30:1-23. Contained in these few verses is the birthing and naming of Jacob's 12 sons. The sons who would eventually be the patriarchs of the Twelve Tribe of Israel. Their names not only speak of the heritage, but would also speak of their future. Not only did they seem to "grow into their names," but so did their progeny.

Each of us have been given a name (or two or three for that matter, not to mention nicknames), some of us have loved our names, and borne them with honor, and some of us may have despised our names and maybe even sought to change them. Yes, names do name us. For those of us who have chosen to follow and obey Jesus Christ, as Savior, Lord and God, we have been given another name as well, His. It too, is a name that can make us. It describes not only our heritage, but also our future. It is a Name that names us.

How well are we wearing that Name?

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