Wednesday, March 16, 2011

SO BIG!!!!

WHEN MY CHILDREN WERE LITTLE we used to play a little game with them which included asking the question, "How big are you?"  To which they would answer by stretching out their arms as far as possible and declare, "SO BIG!!!"  When they were really little we would move their arms for them, and as they grew they could fully join us in this little "action game."

My present sermon series, "Obeying the Speed Limit: Truths to Keep Us Safe Along the Way" is dealing with the truths we have held to as a local church over the past fifty years and which we will continue to hold on to as we continue on the journey to which God has called us.  As a foundation for this series I am using the Statement of Faith for the Evangelical Free Church of America using its articles to drive us into the Scripture upon which each article is founded.

My plan was to go over one of the ten articles each much for my plans!  I still "stuck" in article number one dealing with the nature and character of God.  This week the plan is to go back to article one and deal specifically with the Trinity.  I didn't feel I could deal with such an important part of our theological understanding of God in just the few minutes I had left last Sunday (Us long-winded pastors are a bane for sure!)

Anyway, while I have been studying this bedrock of our faith, seeking ways to communicate this almost imponderable truth about God, I came across an article in the latest edition of Biola University magazine. Associate Professor Fred Sanders has addressed the topic in a clear and concise way.  His article, "Think Bigger: There's Not a Trinity Verse -- and that's a good thing" is well-worth reading. You can click on that title and read it for yourself.

So, thanks Professor Sanders.  I promise not to plagiarize your work, but you will find yourself most definitely quoted once or twice. (Honor to who honor is due!)  I must agree with the Professor, that the theological turth of the Trinity only goes to make the God we worship so much BIGGER!

What a great and awesome God is He!
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