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This month my church has graciously granted me an opportunity for a month-long sabbatical. I tell you I serve a great God and a great church!  Gotta love those folks! Anyway, during this month I am focusing upon "front-loading" for my next sermon series which will be preaching through the book of Revelation, a book that I have never preached all the way through. Each day I have been reading through the entire book in a different translation...doubt I will find 30 different translations to read through, so some will in no doubt be "reused."

I am also working through a number of commentaries and Revelation related texts (no, I am not going to read The Late Great Planet Earth or any of the Left Behind series...seriously now did you even think I would?)

I can't say I will be blogging everyday, but from time to time I will be sharing some of the things I am learning, and of course, I welcome your "Revelation" thoughts and questions (especially my readers who attend Felton Bible Church.  That way maybe I can get some answers to your questions...maybe.)

In my reading through the Book of Revelation yesterday (New American Standard Bible) this summery of the book grabbed my attention: The Book of Revelation is a book of Worship (The Throne of God, the 24 Elders, the songs of the angels and saints, etc.)  It is a book of Wonder (the scenes of amazing creatures, streets of gold, unspeakable beauty and amazing events.) It is a book of Warning (what takes places when people do not repent, the call for the church to act.) It is a book of Woe (what will take place when the wrath of God is poured out.) It is a book of Work (where the church is called to live out its faith and its calling even in the midst of great tribulation.)

It is truly an amazing portion of God's Word, and should we expect any less?  It is God's Word to the Church, and in that it is to be read and to the point it can be, understood through thorough  study and of course the help of the Holy Spirit.

So, that's where I am thus far, and ready to get back at it...

Some do ask, "So, what is it that a pastor does during a sabbatical?"  "Is it just a fancy word for an extra vacation?"  Well, to be honest there is some "rest" and "change of pace" that takes place, but just so you know what's on my list here are seven "goals" of my sabbatical month.
1. Getting re-connected with God. Taking time to sit and listen to the Spirit and to walk with the Lord Jesus.
2. Getting re-connected with my family.
3. Studying in great prayer-filled depth the Book of Revelation.
4. Read some of those "extra" ministry books that have been piling up on my desk.
5. Getting back into an exercise regimen. Been out running again.
6. A little "mid-rest" through completing some home tasks, especially in light of an upcoming wedding!
7. Rest in body, soul, mind, so I can return to faithfully serve my Lord through His Body at Felton.

So, there ya have it...see ya in the blogosphere...and maybe on the trails!
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Anonymous said...

Hi Pastor, Re item #6: Who is getting married? Your daughter Krista, and Didier?

That's impressive your reading the Book of Revelation in a different version daily. There is so much to ponder. I wonder how you'll be translating Rev 3:5 for us when you return; and Rev 3:12 (i.e."my new name").

Best wishes, Gary

Pastor Randy said...


It's Krista and Didier...

As for the translating work of Rev. 3:5 and Rev. 3:12...well, you'll not want to miss that week of church, I guess! ;o)