Monday, May 09, 2011

Revelation: A Book of Opportunties

SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT STOCK IN STARBUCKS! If you want to know where everybody is on Sunday morning, check out your local Starbucks! I know, you're asking what was I doing at Starbucks on a Sunday morning?  Well, suffice it to say it's one of the perks of being blessed with a sabbatical.

Believe it or not, I actually read through Revelation even in all the hustle and bustle of a Starbucks o

n Mother's Day morn. (No, I didn't read it out loud...see my previous post about that.) I might have a little better understanding about the sounds of 1000's around the throne of God after enduring the multitudinous voices inside my local shop. But, there was something else that grabbed my attention as I have been reading through the entire Book of Revelation each day (Today it was NIV on my Kindle), what grabbed me was how Revelation, being the final book in our Canon of Scripture, and what we would hold to be God's final Word for the Church, is also a book of opportunity.

The "opportunity" comes forth through the call to "repent."

For example five of the seven churches to whom John writes are called to "repent." (Revelation 2:5; Revelation 2:16; Revelation 2:22; Revelation 3:3; Revelation 3:19)  But repentance is also allowed for the groups of people coming under the wrath of God later in the writing.  After a third of mankind is killed (Revelation 9:20) the people refused to repent and continued in their worshiping of idols.  Well, if they refused to repent then there must have been a willingness, on God's part to allow them to do so, if they would so choose. Again, in Revelation 16:9-21 we find three more times where the people refused to repent and suffered the consequences thereof.

Now, some night argue that God already knew they wouldn't so that's why He poured out His wrath upon them, but I am struck by this open door of opportunity that God props open for the people, just one last time.  It's almost like He is saying, "OK, folks I haven't finished pouring out my wrath...there's still time...wont you please repent and come back to me?"  Yes, I believe that is the graciousness of God once again.

There will come a time when the door is shut for good, but for now the door still stands open.  I suppose that is why the Scriptures declare in 2 Corinthians 6:2, "I tell you,  now is the time of God's favor, now is the day of salvation." Now is the day of opportunity...shall we make the most of it?
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