Wednesday, July 20, 2011

did you see THAT?!?

I CAN REALLY FEEL FOR THE APOSTLE JOHN. I mean, think about it...

He get swooped up into heaven, to the very throne room of God, filled with weird creatures (4), lots of elders (24), bunches of angels (10k x 10k), not to mention a Lamb who looked as if he had been slain. And of course there are candles, and scrolls...well you get the picture.

Here's were I feel for the guy, every time some new takes place before him I can seeing him ripping around and saying, "Hey!  Did you see THAT?!?"  Then realizing there is really nobody with whom he can share what he is witnessing.

Sure, there are the angels and some elders,  but this is nothing new to them. I'm sure you have been in that position before.  Seeing a gorgeous sunset, or the light hitting the trees in just the right way, or that perfect ocean wave crashing upon the rocks, and you turn to say to someone, "Hey, did you see THAT?!?" only to realize there is no one there to share it with.
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The truth of the matter is, even for an introvert like me (yes, I am!) I like to be able to share special moments with someone else.  It's just better that way.

This week I am taking a little hiatus from preaching through Revelation because I am headed up to the Clark Fork of the Stanislaus River with my son and about 18 other guys from our church, but I wanted to encourage you to take the time and go back and read through the first five chapters of Revelation and try to put yourself in John's sandals. (You can check out past sermons here) Try to imagine seeing all that he sees and having no one to share it with. And then remember why we are told not to travel this journey alone.  God has saved us to His family, to the Body of Christ, so that we will always have someone to turn to and say, "Hey, did you see THAT?!?"
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Robin Patrick said...

He also had to write about it. Can you imagine if he had to try to get that book past an editor?