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I FOUND ANOTHER LITTLE BOOK ON PRAYER...I was intrigued by its introduction.
"These meditations and studies on prayer are most timely.Never have there been such extensive and such convincing evidences of the poverty and inadequacy of human means and agencies for furthering the welfare of humanity; never has there been such a widespread sense of need of super-human help; never have there been such challenges to Christians to undertake deeds requiring Divine cooperation; never has there been such a manifest desire to discover the secret of the hiding and of the releasing of God's power. Interest in prayer is world-wide. This is shown in the prominence of this subject in addresses and sermons . . . as well as in the growing volume of books . . . The multiplication of Calls to Prayer . . . and of the formation of Prayer Bands and Leagues of Intercessors. . . . Among Christians everywhere, and even among many who would not call themselves believing Christians, there is being manifested an earnest desire to understand what prayer is and to engage more fully in its exercise."
That is just the first paragraph of the introduction of this powerful little book on prayer. But what is truly timely about this book entitled "The Meaning of Prayer" is that it was written in 1915 by Harry Emerson Fosdick. I feel very privileged to hold in my possession a copy of the first edition. which I discovered while "digging through" some books one of our senior saints left for the church library here at Felton Bible Church.  Oh, the treasures that await those who dig, and I am sure that will be even more true as I contemplate the truths written within this book.

Of course, all this will be for not, if one does not pray. So, may we all answer the call to prayer...not because there is power in prayer, but because the Father God to whom we pray to in the Name of Jesus and under the direction of the Holy Spirit, is the God who is the Almighty!

So, therefore, let us pray!
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dmoody1 said...

It's interesting that Fosdick could write so positively regarding the need for prayer in 1915 and by 1922 preach a sermon in which "he expressed his serious doubts about most of the historic assertions of the Christian faith, including the virgin birth, the resurrection, the divinity of Christ, the atonement, miracles, and the Bible as the Word of God" (p. 102 in 'Bonhoeffer', by Eric Metaxis, 2010). Perhaps, he tired as his prayers were 'unanswered'. Perhaps, his God was too small.