Sunday, October 02, 2011


TODAY, AS I WAS OUT FOR A LATE AFTERNOON RUN, I was listening to Scriptural prayers on my iPod. One of the prayers came from 1 Kings 8:27 where Solomon prays concerning the temple for God He has built, he prays,
“But will God really dwell on earth? The heavens, even the highest heaven, cannot contain you. How much less this temple I have built!

Solomon knew that God was too eternal, too omnipresent, to glorious to dwell in anything made by human hands, no matter how large or glorious it might be. True enough!

As I was dwelling upon this portion of Scripture I was caught up with the reality, stated by the Lord Himself, that He now dwells within by the Holy Spirit. (John 14:26; Romans 5:5; 1 Corinthians 6:19)

Now consider this: if Solomon's glorious temple, covered with gold so that it almost glowed in the noonday sun could not contain God, then how can I?  Little me. Marred, imperfect, and small, how can I be the dwelling place of the Most High God?

God! Get it? God, dwells within the life of the believer. How amazing is that?!  Why don't I just explode?! 

I encourage you to dwell upon that reality this week with me.  God the Holy Spirit dwells within me, little ol' me. That must make an impact in and upon my life and upon those I encounter. Contemplate that reality of God in you, and ask yourself, how will it change my life today? This week? From now on?
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Anonymous said...

Hi Pastor, Here is a meaningful poem I think can equate God’s guidance in Christians (God’s Temple) as depending, at least in part, on one’s “set of the sail.” Gary

The Winds of Fate by Ella Wheeler Cox:

One ship drives east, another west,
With the self-same winds that blow.
‘Tis the set of the sails, and not the gales
That tells them the way to go.

Like the winds of the sea are the ways of fate,
As we voyage along through life
‘Tis the set of the soul
That decides the goal
And not the calm or the strife.