Thursday, October 20, 2011


WHILE SPENDING SOME EARLY MORNING READING TIME with author Richard Foster (Sanctuary of the Soul: Journey into Meditative Prayer) I was moved by Foster's statement, "We are enabled to give up our need to watch out for number one because we have One who is watching out for us." (p. 63)

It got me thinking just how much the One, that is Jesus Christ, changes lives. Consider my tiny list and feel free to add your own ways in which you see Christ changing things.  My list is pretty much just what Jesus did while He was with His disciples 2000 years ago, I know I could add even more personal encounters, but this is at least a starting place.

So here's the list, thus far:
Water to Wine
Sightless to Seeing
Broken to Bound up
Storms to Stillness
Lame to Leaping
Fearful to Faithful
Sorrow to Security
Forsaken to Forgiven
Hurting to Healed
Longing to Loving
Floundering to Found
Life-less to Life-filled
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Abigail said...

How about "Alone to Adopted"? And "Seeking to Sure".