Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I encourage you to take a break and listen to Tim Keller's memorial message to honor John Stott. As a young evangelical I know that Dr. Stott has touched my life and ministry more than I realize.  We have much to learn from our brother and one of the saints.

Here are the main points of Tim Keller's message:
  1. We need to be convicted by his kingdom vision.
  2. We should be cautioned by his cultural learning curve.
  3. We should be chastened by his leadership controversies.
  4. We need to be instructed by his great innovations: 1) expository preaching; 2) invented the modern center-city church; 3) willing to organize and use institutions and organizations to put Evangelical Anglicans on the map; 4) forced Evangelicals to deal with social ethics social justice issues; 5) created Evangelicalism, the great center between fundamentalism and liberalism, he was prophetic from the center.
  5. We should be empowered by the knowledge of his present glory.
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