Wednesday, January 25, 2012


AS THIS PAST SUNDAY'S FORTY-NINERS LOSS CAN SADLY PROVE: ONE PERSON CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! (I use the word "sadly" rather than "tragically" because after all it was just a football game)

Our sermon text for this coming Sunday (January 29, 2012) is Acts 1:12-26. (The second in a new series: "Acting Out: Becoming the Church God Desires Us to Be") In this text we listen in on the conversation amongst the Apostles about the need to replace Judas, since, well how can we nicely say this, he didn't get the picture about who Jesus was until it was a little too late. 

Judas made a difference, just one guy, but he made a huge, albeit negative impact. Now the Apostles were looking for someone to replace him. That someone had to meet certain qualifications, and then be "voted" in by the casting of lots with the belief (faith) that the Holy Spirit would show them the correct individual.

As I was pondering the text my mind drifted to the many who made a difference in my life. Thankfully, there were more good difference-makers than bad. And this got me wondering if those of you out there in blogland would be willing to share with us those who made a positive impact in your life?

So, what say you?  
Care to share?  
I would love to hear your story.
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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

SO . . . I WAS WONDERING . . .

THE CHURCH IN THE WORLD TODAY finds itself at one of greatest crossroad since possibly the days of the Reformation. (That is in my humble opinion.)

The church in the North and in the West is finding itself more and more stuck between being meaningless or marginalized within the culture wherein it finds itself.

The church in the South and in the East is finding itself more and more running between being a persecuted church or a populated & popular church.

Therefore, the question I would put to you, my readers is, "How do YOU see the church today within your given culture?" (I know this blog is read within various cultures) and an even more vital question would be, "What is the purpose of the church?"

Your answers will help me as I lead our church family through a study in the Book of Acts. I do hope and desire for you to respond. At least, thanks for giving it a thought, and maybe even a prayer!
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Tuesday, January 10, 2012


BEGINNING JANUARY 22nd I HOPE TO EMBARK UPON A NEW SERMON SERIES walking us through the ACTS OF THE APOSTLES, or is it the ACTS OF THE CHURCH or is the ACTS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT? I'm never quite sure what to call that book in the Bible, which in its simplest sense is call ACTS.

The working title for this new series is: "Acting OUT: Becoming the Church God Desires Us to Be"
Here's where the trouble starts. I would like YOU to be part of the "action." I would like to hear your thoughts and musings. I would like to place before you a question that I am seeking to answer; 
"If we were to start a church today what would it look like, be like, sound like, feel like?"
So, there you's your would you answer that question?  

I am eager to hear your response!

PS: Need more food for thought? Check our Skye Jenthani's blog on a Recipe for Church

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Tuesday, January 03, 2012