Tuesday, January 10, 2012


BEGINNING JANUARY 22nd I HOPE TO EMBARK UPON A NEW SERMON SERIES walking us through the ACTS OF THE APOSTLES, or is it the ACTS OF THE CHURCH or is the ACTS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT? I'm never quite sure what to call that book in the Bible, which in its simplest sense is call ACTS.

The working title for this new series is: "Acting OUT: Becoming the Church God Desires Us to Be"
Here's where the trouble starts. I would like YOU to be part of the "action." I would like to hear your thoughts and musings. I would like to place before you a question that I am seeking to answer; 
"If we were to start a church today what would it look like, be like, sound like, feel like?"
So, there you go...it's your turn...how would you answer that question?  

I am eager to hear your response!

PS: Need more food for thought? Check our Skye Jenthani's blog on a Recipe for Church

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susie q said...

Oh pastor randy the church today in Amercia would not have a clue on suffering. I fear we would be weak. We take for granted the written word, thinking we will forever have it or freedom to sing aloud praise to our king. I for one seek to be Jesus with flesh on daily. God bless you as you guide our sheep in this message. Sue