Tuesday, February 21, 2012


MY NEW SERMON SERIES, ACTING UP! is about the church becoming what God desires it to become. The one thing I have learned this far is that if we desire to become the church that God desires us to be, then we must each be the person that God desires us to be.  It is when we are connected to Jesus, as Francis Chan states in his video series BASIC: We are the Church, the church begins when each person comes to the point of Fearing God, Following Jesus, and Being Filled with the Holy Spirit.

Today, I received an email from my daughter, Krista, with a powerful message contained within it. A message in one sense calls us to personal faith in a personal Christ, so that we can be the people and through that, the church that God desires us to be.

This week's sermon text is Acts 1:1-26.  I believe that the link that Krista sent me was not without the finger of God upon it. While I have been preaching about what it means to be the church, and how God calls us from individualism unto being part of a body, Christ's Body, it is also true that God is calling each one of us to fulfill our part in that Body, even if that fulfillment finds itself manifested in very limited ways, as you will see if you take a few moments to watch this powerful and humbling video, and then to take the time to ask the Lord what part am I (you) to take within the larger Body of Christ.

I invite you to read through Acts 3:1-26, and then watch the video, and take some time, especially as we enter this Lenten season, to
ask the Holy Spirit to open your ears to hear His voice, to open your heart to receive His truth, to open your mind to obtain His wisdom, to open your mouth to proclaim His truth and to open your hands to serve those whom you encounter each day.

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