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AS A LOCAL CHURCH, we are reading through the Scriptures everyday with the plan of reading the whole of God's Word in 2012.  Recently, we have finished reading Leviticus, with its many rule and regulations for the priesthood. It's all quite overwhelming to be sure, and I just have difficultly figuring out which tie to wear with what shirt!

Today I received another prayer email from my sister-in-Christ, Abigail. Her prayers always touch and resonate with a portion of my soul. The prayer she penned this week fits well with our walk through the Bible. I have included it here to both encourage us and challenge us to to the wearing of the priestly garments.

May this prayer lead you to consider your call as priests in God Kingdom because of the finished work on the cross (1 Peter 2:4-10), and may you be blessed as you pray it, which I commend you to do out-loud.

Abba...You gave commands in the wilderness regarding who could serve in Your tabernacle
and what they were to wear.

Back then, You called men of the tribe of Aharon.

Today, You call all of us who accept Yeshua as Messiah to be priests in Your holy name.

Back then, the priests had to wear specially made garments with particular specifications.

Today, You call upon us to wear garments not made by man,
but made by Your indwelling Ruach/Spirit...
garments of holiness,
garments of praise,
garments of being set apart,
garments of love,
garments  of patience,
garments of generosity,
garments of caring for the poor,
for the widows
and for the orphans,
garments of Shalom/peace,
garments of giving of ourselves for others,
garments of joy,
garments of tears and compassion,
garments of healing,
garments of hand-holding,
garments of kindness,
garments of leading,
garments of teaching,
garments of goodness,
garments of faithfulness,
garments of peacemaking.

Abba, may we always wear the garments You have given us.

May we always serve as You have taught us.

May we be diligent to learn Your ways
and walk in Your ways.

Abba, please touch everyone reading this email.
Please touch their loved ones.
Please bring Your healing Shalom to all.
Please restore health.
Please restore relationships.
Please bring reconciliation with You and with others.
Please bring Your salvation and deliverance.
Please bring Your provision.
Please strengthen marriages.
Please give courage.
Please give wisdom.
Please meet every true need that we all have,
and especially the needs we don't even know about.

b'shem Yeshua

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