Tuesday, June 19, 2012


IN THE PAST I HAVE SHARED A PRAYER that comes to me weekly from one know to me as Abigail. She has a true heart for the LORD and especially for those who serve in the trenches of the Kingdom, fighting with the Holy Spirit's strength, to bring for the shalom of the LORD.

I received the following prayer today, and felt it was incredibly timely for me, and for others, especially for my brothers and sisters in ministry, at what ever level the Lord has called you. My prayer is that as you read through it, you pray through it as well. I pray that it will not only minister to your soul, but also that it will bring you encouragement in the work to which God has called you. 

Thank you Abigail for sharing your heart with me, and with those who will make this prayer their own.

Avi, my Father, 
may I live a life totally dependent upon You.
May I look to YOU and YOU alone
to supply all my needs.
May I look to YOU and YOU alone
to provide direction for my life and ministry.
May I look to YOU and YOU alone
to enable me to fulfill my purpose on earth,
according to Your will.

May I be fully surrendered to Your will,
no matter what that looks like.
May I love Your law, my Creator,
and obey it always,
knowing that it is for my good.

May I live to please You, my Creator,
rather than people.
May I be willing to forfeit the approval of others
in order to be pleasing to You.

May the overarching motivation of my life be
to glorify You.
May I have no agenda of my own.
May I only fulfill Your purposes and will, my Creator.

May I place more importance and value
on the eternal things of Your kingdom than
on the fleeting things of this life.
May doing Your will be more important
than even my bodily needs.

O Creator, may I love You with all my heart,
all my soul,
all my mind
and all my strength.

May I be selfless, putting others ahead of me.
May I have a servant's heart.
May I continually give of myself
to meet the needs of others.

May I be available to others when they need me,
even at inconvenient times.
May I be willing to have my plans interrupted
for the sake of the true needs of others.

May I be submissive to the human authorities You have placed over me.
May I respect civil authorities,
unless they require me to disobey You.
Then, may I stand strong in You.

May I show mercy to others.
May I reach out with forgiveness
to those who have wronged me.

Avi, may I love others as I love myself.

May the words I speak be filled with 
Your Truth and grace.
May I only speak what You want me to speak.
May my words minister to the needs of others.
May my words be words of healing and restoration.
May my words build up and never tear down.

May my life be one of praise and thanksgiving.
May I be bold to confront evil and wrongdoing.
May I be courageous
when the task You set before me is difficult.

May I never be competitive or jealous.
May I rejoice when You bless others.
May I rejoice when You choose
to use someone else instead of me.

May I be continuously filled with Your Ruach HaKodesh.
May I always manifest the fruit of Your Ruach.

May I love as You love...
with all my heart,
even to the point of laying down my life.
May I live all the qualities of love that
You tell us about in Your written Word
and that Yeshua modeled for us as the living Word.

May I be full of joy in You,
regardless of my circumstances.
May I trust in Your sovereign control over all things.

May I walk in Your Shalom
through the storms,
when feeling pressed by people,
in the midst of chaos,
when facing hard things.
May I have an inner quiet that surpasses all human understanding.

May I be long-suffering,
willing to endure adverse circumstances
and injuries inflicted by others.

May I show genuine concern for others.
May I particularly reach out to those who have been rejected by others.
May I be thoughtful and considerate.
May I be alert to the needs of others.

May I have an inner moral excellence that shows itself
in doing good works for others.

May I be utterly trustworthy
and always true to Your will.
May I obey You,
serve You
and love You faithfully
to the end of my life here on earth.

May I endure misunderstandings without retaliation.
When being Your child brings abuse,
may I not abuse back.
May I entrust myself and my case to You, my Creator,
rather than being defensive.
May I be humble,
not promoting myself
or seeking my own glory.

May I live a temperate life.
May my passions and appetites always be
under the control of the Ruach HaKodesh.

May I follow Yeshua
and continuously be transformed into His image
as His disciple.
May others see You
in my life.

Please, Avi, make me holy
as You are holy!

B'shem Yeshua
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