Sunday, September 23, 2012


THE TRUTH IS, THE LONGER WE PUT OFF something the harder it is to follow through on that which we should have done. Believe it or not, baptism was one of those “something’s” that I put off for a long time. How long you ask? Well, I am still somewhat embarrassed to say that it was after I was a Senior Pastor!  Yes, there is the ugly truth; I had been baptizing people, while I still needed to follow through on the example set and the command given, by our Lord.
The above statement, in reality, is actually only partly true, the partly true part was my excuse for not being baptized. You see, I was baptized as an infant. Don’t remember a single part of that day and I have never even seen a picture, though I do have a yellowing certificate stuffed in an album somewhere that say that the event took place. I am not saying that infant baptisms are wrong (I have performed a few myself), but I also believe that a follower of Christ needs to make a public profession of faith and to be involved in that initiatory rite within the community of faith.
What changed for me is that I heard, while attending the Billy Graham School of Evangelism, the clear voice of the Holy Spirit tell me that I needed to put my pride and fear of what people would think aside and humbly and obediently and publically follow my Lord through the waters of baptism.
Therefore, I contacted my friend who pastored the Baptist church in town (who better to baptize you than a Baptist!) and told him my story. The quick story is that we did a combined service of our two churches where he baptized me, and I baptized some from our church fellowship. It was an incredible service of Christian unity, love an celebration.
So, there you have it, my little “secret,” but how glad I am that I put fear aside and obediently followed the Spirit’s call. My question for you today is; has the Holy Spirit called you to some form of action for the Kingdom, but you are hesitant to respond because of fear, or because of pride? If there is, I strongly to promptly obey the Spirit’s prompting and know the blessing that comes from obeying the Word of the Lord.

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