Friday, October 26, 2012


IN LIGHT OF MY NEW SERMON SERIES: "What Does It Look Like to Follow Jesus"  I thought Abigail's Prayer for the Church and it's leaders appropriate to share today.

Abba...You have placed us in this world where we are called
to be salt and light.
Help us to serve You,
to love You,
to honor You
as we live in this world.

Abba, this world has so many things that can
grab hold of our hearts.
Although our bodies have to be here,
may we get our hearts out of this world
with its earthly way of doing things.

Help us to walk in Your ways,
to live according to Your purposes for us
and not the purposes the world wants for us.

Thank You for bringing us into Your Kingdom!
Thank You for creating us out of Your love for us.
Thank You for giving Your word to Israel
and through them to the rest of the world.
Thank You for Your gift of redemption through Yeshua.

Thank You for making it possible to live in this world
while not being of this world.
Thank You for setting us free so that we are no longer
slaves to sin.
Thank You for delivering us from death.

Abba, thank You for bringing Your Shalom to our hearts.
Please bring Your Shalom to Yerushalayim
and to Israel.
Please open the eyes of Your Chosen ones
to see Yeshua as Mashiach.
Please give the leaders of all the countries represented here
Your wisdom, strength and courage.
Please lead us and guide us.

May we learn to love You with
all of our hearts,
all of our souls,
all of our minds
and all of our strengths,
united as the body of Yeshua.

May we learn to love our neighbors as ourselves
and one another.

B'shem Yeshua.

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