Wednesday, October 10, 2012


PLEASE FORGIVE THE FOLLOWING FOOTBALL ANALOGY, but it is that time of the year, and I believe this example will serve us well as we consider moving forward in the work of being reconciled reconcilers (2 Corinthians 5:11-21) and seeing God’s Kingdom expanded.

For the uninitiated, the All-Out Blitz is when the 11 men on the defense send everybody forward to attack the man with the ball, usually the quarterback at this point. The plan is two-fold. First, to put the team with the ball in a loss of yardage situation, and second to put the fear-of-God in the quarterback. Nothing like see 11 huge men coming straight at you to strike terror in a ball-handler’s heart!

When an All-Out Blitz is called it does leave the blitzing team in a vulnerable position. It gives the other team a number of open (un-covered men) to whom the quarterback can throw the ball. To alleviate this possibility the blitzing team must make sure that each player hit someone on their way to blitz the quarterback, thus throwing off their intended routes. They also have, what is known as the 12th Man on the field.  The 12th Man is made up of the rest of their team on the sidelines and their fans in the stands yelling at the top of their lungs.  If all goes as planned the quarterback is pushed back and a huge yardage loss is incurred against the team with the ball. There is also a greater opportunity for the quarterback to fumble the ball and for the blitzing team to recover it.

Yes, there are risks, but the plan is that the gains outweigh any risks involved. It’s not a play done too often, because of the risks, but when executed well and at the right time the results can be very positive for the team that finds itself on the defensive.

THE SPIRITUAL APPLICATION. Yes, there is a spiritual application that applies to our church family at this point in time. Please allow me to expound.

We, here at Felton Bible Church, are increasingly finding ourselves on the defensive with Satan and his team who are seeking to cause our defeat. Over the past few months, as we have be praying for 350+ people to come to know the Lord, and have been praying for and working toward the expansion of God’s Kingdom rule in our lives, community and world, we are experience some attacks that I can attribute to Satan’s attempt to move the ball forward. As a local church fellowship, and even among the other fellowships throughout our community, we have seen many attacks that I attribute to more than just coincidence.

There have been attacks against families, in form of divorce and marital strife. We have seen pastors physically worn-out and being beset by various illnesses. There have been an increased number of those suffering from relational and emotional brokenness. We can add to that a decrease in church attendance and tithing, as well as discouragement amongst the shepherds of our churches. Yes, there have been some good things happening, and I don’t mean to sound defeatist. Rather I am seeking to cry out for an increased involvement of the Body of Christ.

I think it’s time for an All-OutBlitz of prayer! I am, as “coach” of our team here at Felton Bible, calling for all of us to blitz the team of Satan. I am calling us to attack with full force, to hold nothing back, to go right for the ball and get it back! As in the real game of football, this can lead to some places of vulnerability, but I believe the gains will far outweigh the possibility of momentary loss.

Every blitz called by the coach is not without design. Each player knows what his assignment is; who’s going straight up the middle, who’s coming around the end, who will hit whom in order to slow down the forward progress. So, here’s our plan:

·         Everyday every person who is part of our church family is to pray for 11 minutes for the pastors and the churches of our community.
·         Everyday I call us to use the prayer calendar included in each edition of the Chatter.
·         I am looking for those available on Wednesdays at 11:15 to come and join our prayer team at the Spring Lakes Party House (Need directions, give us a call: 335-3418.)
·         I am looking for a group who will meet with Pastor Ron and me at 9:15 each Sunday morning to pray before our morning worship service. We will meet in the side room off the sanctuary.
·         I am looking for a group who will covenant to pray for Pastor Ron and myself, everyday, that we would know the game plan the Lord has for us.

Will you, covenant to pray by linking up to one or more of these opportunities? I know we might open ourselves to more attack, but let us not forget that we have a 12th Man, Jesus Christ, who is constantly before the throne praying for us, and that He has given us the Holy Spirit, who dwells within us! We are not alone in this battle. And let us not forget the reality, that we do know who ultimately wins! But, just because we are assured of the outcome, does not mean we can sit on the bench and watch from the sidelines. No bench-warmers on God’s team.

If you have read this and will covenant to pray in one or more of the ways listed above, I would love to know. If you’re reading this online or on your computer send me an email, if you’re reading this in printed form give me a call at the office (335-3418), and for you tweeters out there, you can follow me and get prayer updates @feltonbible.

It’s time to move! It’s time to knock Satan for a loss! It’s time to get the ball back and move on the offensive! All to the glory of God and advancement of His Kingdom!

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