Tuesday, October 02, 2012


IT’S PROBABLY NOT ADVISABLE TO HIKE ALONE, but I so enjoy spending time walking the trails with no noise except the wind in the trees and a few noisy Stellar Jays and squirrels. That time taken alone is one of the best ways for me to be refreshed in body and spirit. Yet, the reality is I am never fully alone.

As I walk the wooded trails of our area I am accompanied by my thoughts, and if I care to tune my heart to the right frequency, I am accompanied by the Voice of the Holy Spirit. There are times when our conversation is lively, even heated at times, and there are times in which I must strain to hear His voice.

As I journey along the shadowed paths of the redwood forest though the world around me seems quiet and at peace, the noise within my own soul is almost deafening. It will often take a few miles and a few hours to reach the point where my spirit is finally still enough to hear, should the Holy Spirit care to speak…and sometimes he doesn’t.

The LORD, in His eternal wisdom, knew that we all need places and times of quiet, times in which we can slow down and attune our hearts to His Voice. That is why, I believe God created for us one of His greatest gifts, the gift of Sabbath. A time in the cycle of life in which we would regularly set aside time to be still and to breathe deep, cleansing breaths. Sabbath was created for us (Mark 2:27.) The LORD knew what we would need and he graciously provided it for us, all we need to do is avail ourselves to it.

I encourage you to take time each week for a Sabbath’s rest. The day of the week is not as important as taking the time to stop, look, and listen. As with setting out on a journey through the hills and valleys of our mountains, the first steps are the hardest, but the longer you keep at it the quicker you will fall into that gentle rhythm that will bring refreshment to body and soul and also will renew your joy and strength for the week which is ahead of you.
Sabbath. It’s God’s gift. Enjoy it to the full! 

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