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English: The bug zapper in my backyard.
English: The bug zapper in my backyard. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

BACK IN THE 1980’s while attending Biola University we lived in a house that included a “Bug-Zapper.” Some of you will remember when those cage-like electric bug killers were all the rage. I can even remember sitting outside in the evenings waiting for the next unsuspecting flying insect to be drawn to that mesmerizing blue light and then ZAP it became a crispy critter! I personally like it when a really big bug was drawn in and it would take more and longer zapping, it almost caused our house lights to go dim. I know, “Pastor Randy you need to get a life!” some of you are saying. Well, the evenings around the bug-zapper were memorable nights.

In Matthew 5:14-16, Jesus tells His followers that we are the light of the world. It’s not that we ourselves have this light, but it is the light of Jesus shining in and through us. The problem that arises often is that we respond more like bug-zappers than lighthouses which direct people away from the rocks on destruction into the harbors of safety.

As lights, we are not called to blind but to illuminate the way of the Lord. As lights, we are not called to zap people into fear-driven belief, but rather we called to help lead them out of the dark and dangerous alleyways of life into places of the Lord’s life-giving light.

The question before me today, actually before all of us each day, is how am I letting my little light shine? Shall I hide it under a bushel? (NO!)  I must let it shine through the good and constructive work I do for the King and His kingdom. The work of letting my little light shine, not to gain the Lord’s blessing, but because I have already been blessed!

How will you let your light shine for His glory; zapper or light-giver? The choice is yours!

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