Monday, November 19, 2012


IT IS SAFE TO SAY that back in our grade-school days most of us would not have guessed the various paths our lives have taken. We might have had plans and dreams of what we were going to be, or where we were going to live and maybe even who we were going to marry, but somewhere along the way the paths we thought we would take changed, morphed or maybe even crossed with other paths to brings us to where we are today.

Some of the paths we traveled where like gentle strolls along sunlit paths, others may have been long sweaty trudges up steep mountainsides. Some paths we may have journeyed with light-hearted friends and others we wandered alone through darkened valleys. Whatever those paths were like one thing is for certain here is where they brought us.

Since we cannot know, or for that matter even plan, our paths it is good to entrust our paths to the only One who knows the beginning from the end, the One who can see all the various twists and turns our lives will take. That One, of course, is the Lord of all creation and the Sovereign of eternity.

Personally, I could not have known the paths my life would take. Who, but the Lord could know that the very place that Linda and I hoped to retire to someday (Mount Hermon) would be the place where I would start my full-time ministry?  Who, except God, could have seen the gracious gift that would allow me to return to school (Biola University / Fuller Seminary?) Who could have foreseen, except for our all-knowing God, that the one instrumental to my first call to Felton (Dave Van Wingerden) would be the one to ask me to join him in ministry in Cokato, Minnesota? Who but God would have seen my path taking me to Crescent City to plant a church? And who could have ever seen the path that would bring me back to the church I had grown to love in those first years of my pastoral ministry? I could not have written the story of the journey God has led me upon, but thankfully God did.

Today we welcome back to our church the man who was instrumental in bringing me here back in 1977, Pastor Dave Van Wingerden and his wife Cherie. They too have traveled paths they could not dreamed of, and yet God has led them each step of the way; each path preparing them for the next. What a journey they have traveled. I encourage you to join them in their story. (See: Jesus in Haiti Ministries)

What path does the Lord have you on today? We certainly cannot know its twists and turns, but we can be sure of its final destination as we trust in the Good Shepherd who loves to lead us into green pastures and beside quiet waters. In Him put your trust and your travel plans.

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