Saturday, December 08, 2012


 HAVE YOU BEEN BLESSED THIS PAST YEAR? Would you like to be a blessing to someone who could use a true blessing? Are you looking for a way to give a Christmas gift that would  truly be a blessing on both sides of the gift-giving? A blessing to giver and receiver and even one in the middle?

Well, why not help me build a well?  Check out my "Gift-Site" and help me give a gift that will give in so many ways! Help me give cup after cup of clean water in Jesus' Name.

You can also see the good work that is being done in Jesus' Name through the ministry of Living Water International and Advent Conspiracy. Join us as we seek to "Turn Christmas Upside-Down" through learning to Worship Fully through Spending Less and Giving More so we can Love All in Jesus' Name and for God's glory!

What better way to celebrate Christmas?!?
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