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THE CHRISTMAS KISS -- Keeping It Seriously Simple

Keeping It Seriously Simple

ALL THE HUBBUB SURROUNDING CHRISTMAS can often lead to Christmas Humbugging. Being a “Christmas Humbugger” is not in the spirit of Christmas and it leaves the humbugger and the anyone around them feeling the joy of Christmas being sucked right out of the chilly winter air. I should know, I have been both the Humbugger and the one Humbugged. In order to change this seasonal situation I have come to discover a simple secret to maintaining the Christmas spirit, I can it is the Christmas KISS (Keeping It Seriously Simple.)

I discovered the example of the Christmas KISS in the giving of the original Christmas Gift, the Gift of the Christ Child. On the day the Jesus entered the world, He did so simply. Born to a young, traveling couple in a borrowed barn where His first bed was a feeding trough filled with hay.  Rather simple I would say, and yet, His simple arrival came with serious implications. This Child was born for one ultimate purpose which was to obediently offer His life was the perfect sacrifice for our sins. (Matthew 20:28)

Over the past few Christmas seasons I have sought to employ the model of Jesus in the giving and receiving of Christmas gifts. I have endeavored to give and receive that which is both simple (It does look like much. It doesn’t take wrapping paper. It may not even cost much) and yet it is very serious in its purpose and result.

My gift of choice is to follow the Heavenly Father’s giving in giving that brings life to those who need it most. Over the past few years I have both given and received the gift of clean water, through the aptly named Living Water International.

This Advent season I am once again putting forth the challenge I first heard proposed through the ministry known as The Advent Conspiracy. I am calling us, the recipients of God’s seriously simple gift, to help turn Christmas upside-down. The call is to worship more fully, to spend less while giving more all to the end of loving all. I believe it is the model exhibited in the life, death, and resurrection of our Savior, Jesus, God’s promised Messiah.
I encourage you to join me the Advent season as we seek to “Turn Christmas Upside-Down.” Our Sunday morning times of worship will focus upon the seriously simple Gift which God, our Father, gave 2000 years ago. I encourage you to not only come and sing the carols of the season, and reveal in the Christmas story, and enjoy the warmth of Christian fellowship, but also to consider how you can give in a more seriously simple way. You can discover some ways of seriously simple giving by clicking on the links in this Pastor’s Pondering. If you’re reading a hard-copy of the Chatter here are the websites to check out and, both will give you great ways to give. You can also check out for more ideas.
My prayer is that we will all push through the hubbub of the holidays and to give gifts that are full of the love of God and that bring the opportunity to worship Him more fully. Let’s together replace the humbugs with hallelujahs by giving gifts which honor God by giving to those who need it most. Let’s give the Christmas Kiss as we share the Savior’s love with all.

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