Monday, December 03, 2012


THAT’S NOT THE WAY I WOULD HAVE PLANNED IT. I have said that statement numerous times throughout my life, and I have heard many others repeat it as well. Tonight, if all things go as planned, my daughter Trinity will marry Freddy Garcia.  As I can attest to, there have been many months of planning that have gone into this special evening of covenant-making and celebration. Over those months the plans have changed from time to time, but hopefully, by now all things are set and ready to go.
     All that being said, there is the possibility that not all things will go as planned, but we are praying that all our planning and designing and practicing will produce a memorable evening for all who attend, especially for the bride and groom.
     Two-thousand years ago there was another event that had been in the planning stages since before the beginning of time. Two millennia ago in a little village called Bethlehem the long-promised king of Israel was born. From the outsider’s view it could seem that things did not go as planned. This long-awaited king was not born in the capital city, but in a small village down the road. He was not born in a castle, but rather a cattle stall. He arrived not in a flare of majesty, but meekly, born to a young couple far away from home. Yes, to the outsider it looked like things did not go has planned.
     The reality is they did go exactly as planned, in fact the whole of His life which might have seemed at the time unplanned, and even tragic, was in fact, just as God had designed it to be. This humble and mainly unnoticed birth, took place at just the right moment in time. From our vantage point His life did not seem to take any of the usual paths that one who was to be king would take. His birth, His life, His sacrificial death, all of it was highly unusual. Not the way we would have planned it.
     Then of course, there was His resurrection. Once again, highly unusual!
     This Advent season I call you to explore those highly unusual aspects of the Savior’s birth. I challenge you to turn your Christmas upside-down by taking a look at it not from your vantage point, but from His. I encourage you to utter a simple prayer, “Lord, help me to see Christmas, the day we are to celebrate Your birth, from Your eyes.” And as you do, may your Christmas be anything but usual!
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