Sunday, January 13, 2013


WHEN OUR DAUGHTER TRINITY WAS 15 MONTHS old we took her on a vacation that included Niagara Falls. I being one who is not too crazy about height…OK, honestly, I was petrified, was not at all in favor of getting too close to the fence that kept me from falling headlong into the foaming abyss below me. I was also not in favor of having Linda taking my 15 month-old daughter to have a lean-over-the-fence-looksee at the uncontrollable power raging over the Falls. Needless to say, they went to look and I stayed put.
This past week, during our office staff meeting, we were talking about cliffs and high places and the fear they can bring to some people. Pastor Ron brought up the point that there seems to be a psychological event that takes place when you stand at great heights looking over a great expanse. There is this sense of being sucked into the expanse, off the cliff. It’s not so much a fear that you will trip and fall headlong to your death, but rather that there is something out there pulling at you. You realize you have neither parachute nor wings to fly and you back up, even dropping to the relative safety of your knees to move away from the forces at work upon your mind. Yep! Scary stuff if you ask me!
I think some of us feel that same sensation when we seriously consider following Jesus Christ. There is this rush of fear that says if I get too close to following Jesus as a fully devoted disciple, He will just suck me right off the cliff and down I will plunge. We believe that Jesus calls us to do the impossible, fly without wings. After all, He called the Apostle Peter to walk on the surface of the Sea of Galilee, which Peter did, that is until he took his eyes off the Lord and sized-up the impossibility which he had undertaken, and down he went. (Matthew 14:22-33)
Jesus calls each of us to this same walk of faith, or flight of faith as the case may be. He can provide exactly what is needed for us to do the humanly impossible as long as we keep our eyes on Him; and should we become overwhelmed by the reality of our impossible situation, Jesus is there to grab us by the hand and lead us safely to the other side of the chasm before us. If being a disciple of Jesus was easy, everybody would be doing it! And yet, He calls all who would come, to come.  (Revelation 22:17)
What’s keeping you back today?

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