Monday, February 25, 2013


WELL, I AM BACK AT IT . . . AGAIN! Started back on the road to better health through diet and exercise.

A little back story. Fat kid growing up. Hated running. (The running star in the family was my brother Rick a standout track star at Garden Grove High School back in the early 1960's, he's got the medals to prove it!) Kept getting fat. Got up to 265 pounds. Thought I should do something about that. Change diet, starting plodding (that's a notch or two below jogging) but with some good encouragement from family and friends, I stuck at it. Long story short: got a couple of marathons under my belt, a few half-marathons and too many 5 and 10ks to think about and lost 100 pounds in the process.

Well, I was doing well last year, then time and circumstances, not to mention the weather, stopped my progress, and the pound came back...they always do!

So, now with the encouragement of my wife we have embarked upon the 17-Day Diet and I have begun to hit the trails again, albeit shorter and slower runs, but I am out there plodding away.

Yesterday, my track-star brother, who is less track, but still a star loaned me a book, To Be A Runner , by Martin Dugard, I started reading it this morning at 2:00 am! (Dang diet makes me hungry...but I was good, just water and the book.) In the book it talks about starting with base miles, miles that are run at a conversational pace. That means being able to carry on a conversation with a fellow runner.

Well, my regular runner partner is the Holy Spirit, and since the Holy Spirit is referred to as Ruach in the Old Testament and Pnuema in the New Testament, both meaning wind, or breath, you can imagine that His lung capacity is much larger than mine, so He is the One doing most of the talking, I just plod along and try to keep up and listen.

In all seriousness, when you haven't run in awhile, and you've put on a few pounds, you need to rebuild those base miles, and that is just what I am doing. Not always easy, but truthfully, it feels good to be out there running the trails again. And, I do appreciate my running partner, so much to learn.

There you have it, I am back at it, and right now, my legs are cramping up, the cost I must pay and am willing to do so.

How about you? Maybe it's time to start again, whether it's a new diet, or lacing up the running shoes, or beginning a conversation with God. Honestly, the last idea is the best, but the other two will be helpful too!

Maybe I'll see you on the trails, and if it sounds like I am talking to myself, just remember who my running partner is.

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