Sunday, February 03, 2013


THERE IS ANOTHER WOMAN IN MY LIFE. She lives in our van. Her name is Sheila, well at least that’s the name we have given her. Usually, Sheila can be quite helpful as the voice of our computer system who announces everything from the title to a song, to the next turn we should take to arrive at our destination. Sheila is nice to have around…sometimes.

     You see, Sheila can be both obnoxious and incorrect at times. She will interrupt a conversation or turn down the radio just so she can tell us that we have to merge left in two miles. And she has been wrong at times. The problem is we tend to trust Sheila’s judgment and when we do we have found that sometimes she has led us astray and has a difficult time in admitting it. Sheila can be a little stubborn at times and we can be a little too trusting.

     Lesson: when planning a trip be sure to consult more than one source. A good old trusty AAA map can come in handy…especially when Sheila gets in one of her “moods.”

     Of course there is a spiritual lesson for us as we journey along our walk of faith; it is always good to check your sources, and if necessary re-calibrate your course. Sometimes the road Jesus calls us to is easy to follow, other times a map is needed, as in God’s Word. There are even times when we may need to pull over and ask for help from other travelers along the way. To not take the time to check our directions can leave us far off the course, and at best adding miles to the journey or at worst to find ourselves lost.
As a church family, we are heading off on a new journey called from Ashes to Fire. It is an excursion that will take us from Ash Wednesday to our celebration of Pentecost Sunday. We have our map in God’s Holy Word. We have our tour book in our Ashes to Fire Journals. We will have stories to tell along the way, as we encounter new vistas and new points of interest and in traveling together we will be able to share the joys and yes, even sorrows, of the road laid out before us.

     So, come on buckle up and settle in and let us enjoy the expedition that awaits us. Oops, sorry, no seat-belts in these pews, so just HOLD ON!

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