Sunday, February 17, 2013


YOU MIGHT NOT RECOGNIZED THE NAME of Erden Eruc, this I can tell you, he is one driven man. One would need to be driven to seek to encircle the globe under your own power. It took Mr. Eruc, a Turkish-American software engineer, 1,026 days to row, bike, and walk powered by only his own body, heart and sheer will-power. Needless to say, his story is one of both high-sea adventure as well as days of bored to tears trudging across barren wastelands. Yes, Erden Eruc was a driven man, driven to accomplish a goal of more than 40,000 miles. A costly goal too, in money, time, energy, relationship and even the possibility of losing his life. But Erden Eruc accomplished his goal.

There have been many individuals throughout history that have been driven to assail un-climbable mountains, or to cross uncharted tracks of vast jungles. There have been men and women driven to be the first to paddle a set of class-five rapids, or to free-fall from the edge of space. Those driven to run faster, or swim longer, or to win the most games of their chosen sport. They are special individuals, and we often either admire or shake our heads or both, at the driven-ness of their lives.

In this week’s Lenten passage, Luke 4:1-13, (see Ashes to Fire) we encounter another driven man, one driven to spend 40 days of fasting in the desolate wilderness of ancient Israel. The man we know as Jesus, the Messiah. But what drove Jesus into the wilderness was not the call of high adventure, or to make a name for Himself or to prove He could do it. No, what drove Jesus into the wilderness was God the Holy Spirit.

What Jesus did those 40 days we do not know, but we do know at the end of that time, when hunger, thirst and weariness was at its greatest, Satan showed up to test Jesus. Satan’s goal was to break Jesus down. He attacked at His weakest point with the greatest of temptations. But when one is driven by the Spirit of God, one has the ability and a hidden strength to fend off Satan’s greatest attacks and finest offers.

Adventures and attacks await each of us as we journey through life. The question is, who drives you?

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