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English: The Great Commission, at the Cathedra...
English: The Great Commission, at the Cathedral Parish of Saint Patrick in El Paso (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
RECENTLY, I had the privilege of attending the graveside service of one of God's servant-saints, the Reverend Nickolas Osorio.

While at the graveside a few other pastors spoke about how Pastor Osorio had been a great encouragement to them serving as a living example of a man who both loved and served the Lord and his own family as well.

I know much could be said about Pastor Osorio, I am sure much will be as his life and ministry is remembered by his family and those he ministered unto in the Name of the Lord.

Two things were spoken of him very briefly, but struck me profoundly. One who spoke said that to Pastor Osorio the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20) was not a "program, but a lifestyle." Another said, while offering up the committal prayer, Pastor Osorio had "fulfilled the purpose for which God had sent him."

 I can only hope and pray that those two things could be said of me at my passing. To know that the reason the Lord called me home was because I had finished the purpose for which I had been born, and that I lived a life which consistently carried forth our Lord's Commission to, "Go and make disciples of all nations."

I did not really know Reverend Osorio in life (only through family connections) but I know that even in his passing he has encourage me as well.

God bless you, brother Osorio, rest in His peace-filled presence.
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