Sunday, March 10, 2013


OK, KIDS HOLD ON TO YOUR SEATS, I’VE GOT A NEWS RELEASE: “I am not, nor have I ever been, nor will I ever be, the perfect father.” I could blame it on my father, who was not perfect. I could blame it Dr. James Dobson and my inability to attain any of the goals he set for perfect fathering. I could blame it on my culture that surely has not given me a positive or consistent model of what it means to be a perfect father. I could blame it on all the imperfect fathers that I have had the privilege of knowing and their inability to show me how to do this thing called “fathering.” And, I suppose I could blame it on my children (sorry kids) who have sometimes, just sometimes, pushed the limits of my chances of being the perfect father.
     Now this lack of fathering skills has not come from want of trying. There have been days that I have given it 110%. There have been times that even my children might admit I had come close. Those days were usually ironically connected with trips to Disneyland or the Boardwalk. I have read the books, (just stop by my study if you would like to check one out). I have gone to the seminars. I have studied God’s Word, and I have prayed. The Lord knows I have prayed! Yet, I still have not reached even the “Perfect Fathering Play-offs.”
     I suppose I could find solace in Jesus’ words recorded in Matthew 23:9, “And do not call anyone on earth ‘father.’ For you only have one Father and He is in heaven.” But, any of my New Testament Bible professors would tell me that my exegesis of the passage was faulty at best. There’s just no way around it, the truth of the matter is the reason I am an imperfect father, is because I am an imperfect person. It’s the old sin nature once again rearing its ugly head. Thankfully, I can bring this imperfection before my Lord and He will graciously deal with me as He has in the past, with love and forgivingness.
     Since, I will not make the ranks of “perfect father,” maybe I should settle for diligently endeavoring to be a good dad. I think a dad is one who is in touch with his faults and imperfections, and strives forward to love his children unconditionally.
     So, what does being a good dad mean? Well, I don’t have much room left here, suffice it to say a good D. A. D: 
Desires, prays, and works to see them become all God created them to be; Actively involved in the lives of his kids. Delights that each child is a unique gift from God. 
      I may not be a perfect father, yet, but I can strive to be a good dad.  OK, kids?

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