Saturday, March 23, 2013


I SHOULD BE WORKING ON MY SERMON RIGHT NOW, but nothing much is flowing, which is not a good thing for 8:00 on a Saturday night!

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How do you communicate an event that you share about every year with a sense of freshness, a sense of passion?  Most in attendance Sunday morning will have heard the message numerous times throughout their church-going days. I don't think there will be many, if any, there that doesn't know the story. (Some may call me pessimistic, but I think I am more of a realist than a pessimist.)

How can I communicate with any real depth the passion of our Lord, Jesus Christ, for us? Most anything I say will seem trite, or old-fashioned, or "out of touch with the needs of our world today."

I need a passion for the Passion! 
I need a fresh injection of the Gospel!
I need to see with new eyes the Savior on the donkey!
I need to hear with new ears the "Hosanna's!"
I need to lay down my coat, my coverings!
I need to hear the tremor in my Lord's voice as He weeps over the city.
I need to hear the "rocks cry out!"

I need Jesus, the Messiah!
I need Jesus, the Savior of the world!
I need Jesus, the Son of the Most High God!
I need Jesus, the Living Word of God!
I need Jesus, my God!

What do YOU need this Passion Week?

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BarbaraL said...

I know it's a little scary....not knowing what the Holy Spirit will say through you. . 25 years ago, I used to do opening exercises in our SS. I had a clown puppet that always came up with something very funny to entertain the kids, but if I tried to write it the night before, I came up with nothing.

Go play solitaire for awhile then come back to it???

Praying for you Randy!