Wednesday, May 22, 2013


JUXTAPOSED: FINDING SANCTUARY ON THE OUTSIDE, by Daisy Rain Martin, a book I was given to review, was one in which I could find very little sanctuary for my soul.

From the cover design to the warning that this book should be only read by those who are over the age of eighteen, left me wondering what I would find within it's pages.

To be completely honest, the pdf copy I was given to review was not well put together, and that might have left me put-off from the beginning. I think the biggest issue for me is that it read like a soap opera or an attempt to write a spiritual biography in the words and pictures of Las Vegas, not task not easily done. And the length of the pdf version at over 460 pages was a daunting task, and with true full-disclosure, I did not read every page.

I guess the problem for me is that I was personally not grabbed by the story of her life, which had its very tragic moments. They story of her struggle is one from abuse to moving toward the possibility of accepting a God who loved her, while seeming to allow some very tragic events to overshadow her life.

I am sure that Ms. Martin's story will ring true for some, and I prayerfully desire that it can bring hope to those whose life is also in a state of juxtaposition between the realities of a life without God and those within the sanctuary of His love.

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