Sunday, May 05, 2013


I LOVE MY WIFE, SHE’S CUTE. She is cute in all the right sort of ways a wife should be cute after thirty-five years of marriage. One of the things I love about her is that she seeks to see God in the ordinary, everyday things of life and creation. She rejoices in the way God causes the light to stream through misty-morning redwoods and at the sound of the song-birds early in the morning. She has a knack for seeing God, and I believe that knack comes from the fact that she is looking for God.

One of the ways Linda looks for God is to keep a sharp eye out for her birthday numbers,  that is the combination of the month and day, May 14th. When she notices the number of the month: 5 and the day of the month: 14, put together she will tell me that God is thinking about her.

Now, theologically I realize that God is always thinking about her, because that is what God does, He thinks good thoughts about His children. (Psalm 139) The truth is we often forget that reality, that a loving God thinks loving thoughts about His children. Therefore, Linda’s cute little reminder is the number 514.

We will be driving down the street and she will see the number 514 on a road sign and she will declare, “God is thinking of me.” She will see the numbers on a digital clock read out 5:14, and she will softly say, “God is thinking of me.” She will notice the amount on the cash register read $5.14 and she will once again, simply say, “God is thinking of me.”  It’s got to the point that she has me doing it, too. The other day I saw the numbers 514 on a license plate, and I turned and said to her, “God is thinking of you.”

So, as I stated above, “I love my wife!” I love the cute little thing she does that reminds me of a great theological truth, “God loves me and is thinking of me always.” All we need do is keep our eyes open to that truth and we shall see it all around us.

Oh, by the way, He loves you, too!  

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