Thursday, May 30, 2013


ONE OF THE THINGS THE PASTORAL CALL AFFORDS ME is the opportunity to be allowed to peer into the lives of people. Some grant you the opportunity to peek around the curtain of their souls and see that the Great and Powerful Wizard is nothing but smoke and mirrors.  

Some let you have this peek behind the curtain because they desire to be set free from those trappings that have held them in bondage for so long. Sadly, there are also those who want you to see behind the shroud but for no other reason than to let you see how bad it is.

I guess, as a doctor to souls, that is what saddens me the most. Not the torridness of their tragedies, but their deep desire to truly not be healed. For some reason the pain that they are experiencing is less painful than prospect of being healed.

This great little video short paints that picture oh, so well. Jason Headly's creative art is at once both powerful and sad, and speaks well to the issue at-hand.

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