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A couple in a Hammock. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
TAKING A DAY OFF FOR REST is increasingly more difficult. Whether it's more games our kid must attend or it’s the extra work our boss expects us to complete, or maybe we’ve been going at it so hard that when that day arrives we are too overwhelmed to even rest.

Yet, the Sabbath, that day created by God for us, is still part of the Commandments. Yes, I realize that Jesus fulfilled the Commandments for us, but that does not mean they are still not good for us. When you take a close look at them you will notice they were created for our good. Those who seek to keep them, even in a incomplete way, can still draw a huge benefit from them. Especially that middle Command that unites the upward focused Commandments with the outward focused ones. The command to remember the Sabbath, and to keep it holy, maybe better, to keep it wholly.

Jesus reminded His followers that the Sabbath was made for us, not us for the Sabbath. It is a gift from a gracious God for our good. The sad reality is that Sabbath-keeping, especially among the Jews, became more of a burden than a blessing. This was not what it was created to be, so how do we keep the Sabbath a blessing?

First, see it as a gracious gift from a gracious God who truly desires you to enjoy it. Second, be proactive in practicing Sabbath, by that I mean; plan for it and keep it religiously. Here are some things to include in your Sabbath that will help you reap the greatest blessing from it. Let’s form those ideas out of the word REST.

   R = Remember = plan for it weekly. Give thanks for it daily.
   E = Exercise = take time for play. A walk in the park, catch with the kids. Get your hands dirty.
   S = Sleep = take a nap. Read a book. Give space for repose.
   T = Talk = To God, to family, to friends. Take time for worship and fellowship.

Well, surely this list is not near complete, but it’s a good place to start. We all need this gift the Lord has given. For some it may fall on a Sunday, for others on a Monday. The day is not as nearly as important as the choice to celebrate this gift from God, and to do so unto His glory.
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