Monday, June 24, 2013


OK, FOR THE NEXT FEW MOMENTS I am going to brag about the great bunch of people we have here at Felton Bible Church. Though all the numbers are not yet in, this has been another amazing year at Vacation Bible School. Lots of Kids, lots of staff, lots of money donated for our Hope Farm project in Haiti, lots of amazing work done by amazing people, not least of all Andy Williams and his crew of maze-building-minions.  From music to missions; from crafts to snacks; from dramas to Bible lessons; from games played to verses memorized, this has been another amazing year. A giant "THANK YOU" to NASA/Ames for the incredible props and prizes that added that special touch to the whole event.

Then there was the money raised (not to mention counted by our stalwart penny-pushers) for our mission project of helping the families of Haiti establish sustainable, income-producing farms.  And of course, we cannot forget the most important aspect of our week, witnessing a group of 101 children make a public profession of faith to follow Jesus and to obey His Word. It was truly an amazing week.


To all who once again proved there is something beautiful in seeing God’s people come together in unity for the sake of the King of kings and His desire to see the little ones come to Him, I say a most humble “Thank you!” Blessings upon all of you who patiently cared for the children, who lead them from place to place and listened to their joyful voices and some tearful whining. Your love for God and His children will have long reaching effects.

This was truly an amazing week as we learned that God knows all, is always present, He created and cares for us, and our response is to follow and obey, to go and show and tell of His greatness!

Our God is truly amazing! Praise to His glorious Name!
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