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SAY WHAT YOU WANT but there is something comforting about liturgy. It’s nice to know what’s coming next in the order of things, and even nicer when you know what those elements mean in the larger scheme of things.

A few weeks ago we took a huge step (literally) and had laminate flooring installed throughout our house. I really like the look, but there have been a couple of drawbacks. First laminate flooring feels and sounds different when you walk on it, which makes it more difficult to sneak out to the kitchen for a late-night cookie jar raid. Second, is that we rearranged the furniture, making it more difficult to get around in the dark. It’s amazing how accustomed one becomes to having furniture in certain places.

The lesson for me thus far is to take it slow when traversing the den when the lights are out. The goal is to keep my toes from banging into the newly rearranged furniture. Now, I suppose we could have put things back the way they were, to live in the old pattern of things, but the truth is I like the new lay-out. Sure it’s different and it’s taking some getting used to, but it actually makes more sense the way we now have it. Soon I am sure I will get around in the dark with no problem and to that cookie jar.

Every church has a liturgy, be it high church or low or somewhere in between, we all have ways we like to have things and most of us feel it’s best to leave things the way they are. I don’t care if you’re young or old, change never comes easy, but sometimes it is needed if for no other reason than to see that there may be a new way of experiencing an old truth that allows that truth to glow with new life. Sure there may be a few stubbed toes along the way, but soon enough a new comfort is reached and an old way can brim with new life, in fact you might even find it more comfortable that you’ll wonder why we didn’t do this sooner. 
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