Monday, June 17, 2013


IT’S A GOOD THAT OUR CHILDREN HAVE A FAIL-SAFE mechanism that keeps them from remembering much, if anything, of their first year of life. If they did they would surely carry with them the memory of their father throwing them 10 feet in the air and they would most likely need life-long therapy. I have come to see that there is a fine line between giggles of glee and shouts of terror.  I’m sorry kids if dad marked you for life, but you did look like you were having fun.
Speaking of high-flying fun, this year’s Vacation Bible School theme is: “To Eternity and Beyond,” although I am a little hard-pressed to think about what IS beyond eternity? But I do get the idea and it is a good one. Our desire is to help our young space cadets discover the greatness of their heavenly Father (See Psalm 139:1-18 for our flight plan) and to discover His great love for each of them. He is the God who is big enough, strong enough and loving enough never to drop them no matter the heights from which they may be falling.

Our flight plan will take them from gazing at God’s work in the heavens to His work in the earth. We shall sing, shout, dance and laugh as we discover the wonder of our God. We shall get some dirt under our fingernails as we discover the work of planting a garden, while learning about our mission project of helping families build sustainable farms in Haiti. And of course we will have a delicious time at snack-break, delightful time constructing our week-long craft project and a delirious time with Captain Andy and the crew of the Gameship Surprise!  All-in-all it will be a week that shall be out-of-this-world.

You can be part of this eternity-shaping event, even if you can’t breakaway to join us, you can pray us through this journey of discovery. Please join us as we seek to set a straight course for the children and their families as we fix our gaze upon God and His eternal plan. The count-down has begun, pray with us for a safe and life-changing  adventure.

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