Sunday, July 07, 2013

20/20 VISION

IT IS SAID THAT, “HINDSIGHT IS ALWAYS 20/20.” Truthfully, I’d rather be able to look forward with the strength of vision that would allow me to make the decisions today that will have positive effect on tomorrow.

Over the course of the past week I have heard accounts that made me consider where will Felton Bible Church be in the year 2020? Truly, we do not know what the year 2020 will be like, the world is changing much too fast for us to even guess what we will facing, but that does not mean we cannot set in place those things that will help the church be willing, ready, and able for whatever culture throws at us.

One of the stories I heard was at the Men’s Camping Trip. I heard of a pastor who was retiring that weekend after 40 years of ministry in the church he helped to plant. The exciting thing was that God had (is) blessing that ministry; blessing it with growth spiritually and numerically. This news made me wonder what it takes for a pastor and the people to share that kind of blessed longevity?  (For me at FBC: 24 more years and 82 years of age! Doable? Yes. God’s design? He knows.)

The other story was about Scotland’s desire to be a “green” nation energy-wise by the year 2020. A very ambitious goal, which demands discernment, planning and sacrifice. Will they get there? One can hope for the sake of our planet and its population.

What about us? 2020 is only 7 years away (my son will turn 20! Yikes!) Seven years is not that long really. What kind of church will be needed in 2020? The answer, not surprisingly, is rather simple. What will be needed is a church that proclaims in word and deed the Gospel of God and seeks for the continued building of His kingdom. Not unlike what we must be about doing today!

How will the church do this in 2020? That answer is a little more elusive. When I returned here almost 16 years ago I could not have thought of a church that “tweets,” (Twitter) of Bibles on our phones (iPhones) and the increase of social interaction without actually being social (Facebook). How will we make our Gospel impact in 2020? I believe it will come by making ambitious goals which will demand discernment, planning and sacrifice and that we seek to be a church in it for the long haul. Will we be ready? Let’s make sure we are!
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